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Thames Water Damage Limited is an emergency flood damage company operating in London and the South East of England.

Whenever a building be it a home, an office or a school is damaged by flood water or foul water we are available to remove the water, dry out and sanitize the building and restore it to the condition it was in before the damage.

We test for contamination which is particularly important in the case of damage by foul water. We remove property away for safe storage.

The team consists of skilled professionals who have years of experience. We have modern pumping and drying equipment. We also have skilled builders who can rebuild damaged parts of the building.

We offer competitive and fair prices and we keep all our promises. We are used to dealing with the insurance industry and will help with any claim our customers may make.

We aim to remove the stress and anxiety from our customers and to sort everything out as quickly as humanly possible.

You can contact us by calling 020 3404 5116 or just fill in the Booking Form, which you may find on the top.

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