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Dehumidification Services and Dehumidifier Rentals in London

Dehumidification is an integral step in any water damage restoration process. It allows for the reduction of air moisture content by greatly enhancing natural evaporation. The procedure involves the prolonged employment of large, industrial strength dehumidifiers placed strategically throughout the affected areas of your property.

At Thames Flood Restoration, the equipment we use in the dehumidification process achieves extremely dry air as a result of a solid desiccant rotor used to absorb moisture from processed air, and which constantly reapplies the heat necessary to activate the desiccant.

Our experience has shown that maintaining suitable temperature, as with the dehumidification technology, is crucial to drying walls, ceilings, floors and fixtures in a safe and effective manner. Do not forget your next step: to clean and sanitize your property thoroughly in order to prevent further damages on your home.

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