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The Thames Flood Restoration service is divided into two sections: Water Damage Restoration and Building Refurbishment. Our overall aim is to ensure our customers complete satisfaction with the end results.

Get High Quality Water Damage Restoration Anywhere in Ealing

Have you just arrived home to find your house destroyed by a broken pipe? Are you looking to prevent flooding by properly maintaining your gutters? For full water damage restoration and much more besides, talk to Thames Flood Restoration today - we've got the expert team and the top of the range technology you'll need to put your life back in order. We take care of you through the entire process, from initial diagnosis and fast action on preventing the spread of the damage, to thorough drying, cleansing and final restoration work. We're the ones to call on when you've got flooding problems!

Flood Damage Repair That's Perfect for All Types of Properties

The flood damage repair team have achieved great success in all kinds of properties in Ealing, of both commercial and domestic varieties. We're proud to provide our customers with all of the following advantages when they use our services:

  • The highest level of water damage restoration - just visit our reviews page to see what our other clients have had to say!
  • 24/7 client support and booking facilities
  • Short-notice appointment slots and bookings available from early morning to evening
  • Low and affordable rates, in addition to a great range of special deals
  • Total insurance cover whenever we're on your property

Mould Removal and a Whole Range of Other Profession Services

We can assist you through the entire water damage restoration process from emergency start to comprehensive finish. We offer everything from initial water extraction to mould removal, including:

  • Water extraction - get moving fast on initial water extraction and isolation with our front-line services and expertise.
  • Structural drying - a thorough drying that isn't just skin-deep is the job of our advanced structural drying service.
  • Dehumidification - speeding the drying and water extraction process is what our dehumidification service is all about. We use high quality equipment.
  • Odour control - noticed something in the air after water extraction? We use ozone technology to neutralise unwanted aromas.
  • Sanitisation - we use the latest and most effective treatments against bacteria, viruses and fungi in our sanitisation processes.
  • Carpet cleaning - often the first victim of even minor flooding, we offer carpet restoration through our use of special steam cleaning technology.
  • Water damage insurance - liaising with your insurance company for you is something that we're happy to take off of your hands.
  • Pest control - suitable for all kinds of pest infestations. The team that performs our pest removal are experienced and PEST-qualified.
  • Gutter cleaning - using top Gutter Vac cleaning technology, the team keep your guttering working right from the safety of ground level.
  • Mold damage - mould comes in both visible varieties and those that are hard for the human eye to detect. We treat both with high-grade solutions.

Need Flood Damage Repair in Ealing We've Got the Rising Damp Solutions for You!

If you're based in Ealing, rest assured, we'll cover you. If you've any doubt about whether you're in the zone that we offer our rising damp solutions in, simply consult the list below or give us a quick call today to find out more!

  • Acton Central
  • Cleveland
  • Dorners Wells
  • Ealing Broadway
  • Ealing Common
  • East Acton
  • Elthorne
  • Greenford Broadway
  • Greenford Green
  • Hangar Hill
  • Hobbayne
  • Lady Maragret
  • Northfield
  • North Greenford
  • Northolt Mandeville
  • Northolt West End
  • Norwood Green
  • Perivale
  • South Acton
  • Southall Broadway
  • Southall Green
  • Southfield
  • Walpole

How to Book Water Damage Restoration and Dehumidifier Hire

Giving us a call on 020 3404 5116 is the fast and easy way to make sure you've got the dehumidifier hire and water damage restoration that you need in Ealing sorted and ready to go. We offer no-obligation quotes whenever you'd like one, and there's no obligation so feel free to get started on making the arrangements for your booking at any time. We stay open 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and you can also reach us via our booking form and chat facility. So give us a call now - we're ready to assist.

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