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The Thames Flood Restoration service is divided into two sections: Water Damage Restoration and Building Refurbishment. Our overall aim is to ensure our customers complete satisfaction with the end results.

Get Expert Water Damage Restoration Services In Fulham

After your property has been flooded you’ll need our professional, affordable water damage restoration services to get back on your feet. We’ve got the skills, advanced equipment and attitude to act quickly and decisively. The professional engineers and cleaning personnel have years of experience working with water damaged properties. We’ll restore your property to its original pre-damage condition with the utmost care.

We Carry Out Specialist Flood Damage Repair

Our flood damage repair services in Fulham are performed by highly-trained, experienced technicians. We are dedicated to making your home look like new again, removing all signs of the water damage and of the water itself. All our services are performed with top-of-the-range tools. Plus, you will receive a treatment, tailored to your needs, and with your budget in mind. Need more reasons to choose us? Take advantage of the superior benefits we give you, some listed here:

  • All our services are completely guaranteed
  • We offer competitive prices
  • We have skilled contractors who can rebuild and refurbish any damaged areas of your property
  • The surveyors and service personnel are committed to providing you with quality support
  • The staff will assist you with any insurance claims you may be required to make
  • We’ll rectify damage and prevent further leakages

Want proof of our quality? Our past clients have taken the time to give us feedback on the work – see our reviews page.

We Offer You a Wide Range of Water Damage Restoration Services Including Mould Removal

Browse our service list below to see how we can help you in all areas of water damage restoration – we have expertise in mould removal and much more:

  • Water extraction: We’ll confine water and latent moisture, using high-powered electric pumps to remove it.
  • Structural drying: Industrial drying fans will remove moisture to clean mould and help in the repair and restoration process.
  • Dehumidification: Industrial strength dehumidifiers will greatly reduce moisture content in the air.
  • Odour control: We’ll oxidise the air with advanced ozone technology to eliminate unwanted odours.
  • Sanitisation: To avoid health risks we’ll use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to combat contamination.
  • Carpet cleaning: Our carpet cleaning services include the pre-treatment of stains and carpet deodorizing.
  • Water damage insurance: We’ll provide you with a project manager to liaise directly with your insurance company.
  • Pest control: For fast and effective removal of pests, we’ll send a team to discreetly get rid of unwanted insects and rodents.
  • Gutter cleaning: The trained technicians will use elevation technology to safely and effectively clear your gutters.
  • Mold damage: With special mould spray and mildew cleaners we’ll remove unpleasant, harmful mould growth and odours.

When You Need Rising Damp Solutions We’re the Team for You

Get our rising damp solutions by contacting us today. We cover several areas from our Fulham office - check them out:

  • Fulham Broadway
  • Munster
  • Palace Riverside
  • Sands End

If you want to know more chat to us over the phone or online!

Contact Us Now for Local Dehumidifier Hire

We’re available 24/7 on 020 3404 5116, it’s so simple to arrange dehumidifier hire and water damage repair with us. We know some people don’t like to use the phone. So, we’ve set up a chat facility on our website that allows you to chat to one of our friendly advisers online. Also, if you enter your details into our booking form we’ll give you a no-obligation quote and even allow you to make your own booking! We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our customer service and will be with you on time to get the job done.

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