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The Thames Flood Restoration service is divided into two sections: Water Damage Restoration and Building Refurbishment. Our overall aim is to ensure our customers complete satisfaction with the end results.

Help Cleaning Up With Our Water Damage Restoration Service In Newham

Don't let rising water be a dampener, pick up the phone and ask about our water damage restoration solutions in Newham. We're all the help you need when faced with unwanted levels of water in your home or commercial property. Able to come to your aid at a moment's notice, we've got an arsenal filled with the latest, technologically advanced equipment for long-lasting results. We'll have your property looking the way it did before the water made an appearance, all while helping to keep your stress at a manageable level. We won't put extra strain on an already stretched bank balance, as we offer some of the most competitive prices as well as attractive discounts and special offers. Don't wait for the water to subside - make good use of our prompt and decisive flood damage solutions and before you know it you'll be back to normal.

Flood Damage Repair That Won't Add to the Problem

An unexpected ingress of water can be extremely inconvenient and will always catch you unaware. Flood damage repair needs to be effective, inexpensive and readily available if you want to keep the level of damage and cost to an absolute minimum. But don't fret - we'll work with you and your insurance provider for a speedy resolution and get things back to normal in the blink of an eye. Other benefits that come with our services include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Round-the-clock response times
  • Further savings when making multiple bookings
  • Top quality results due to the skill and expertise of the engineers, builders and cleaning technicians
  • Restoration of your property to its previous condition is one of our main priorities
  • Your property will be free of excess water and moisture, sanitised, deodorised and wonderfully clean
  • Liaison with your insurance provider for a trouble-free claim

Mould Removal Forms Part of Our Customised Service

Different causes, different buildings, different situations and different people have led us to offer a fully customised service, of which mould removal is one small part. Other options include one or more of the following:

  • Water extraction - the first and most important step is always water extraction, after isolating and containing the excess running or standing water
  • Structural drying - then comes the drying process, in which we use thermal detection, dehumidification and increased air movement to speed up natural drying time
  • Dehumidification - this process reduces the air moisture content using large, industrial strength machines
  • Odour control - unpleasant smells are an unfortunate consequence of flood water, but the ozone technology we use restores natural freshness
  • Sanitisation - water damage can have serious consequences for your health so we sanitise the area completely and effectively
  • Carpet cleaning - stained upholstery, soggy curtains and nasty smells capably removed using steam-heat extraction methods
  • Water damage insurance - we'll reduce the pressure when making a claim with the detailed procedures, accurate reports and timely scheduling
  • Pest control - we'll remove all traces of those little critters who made their way into your home when your defences were down
  • Gutter cleaning - we've been providing an elite solution to gutter problems in Newham for more than 10 years
  • Mold damage - we'll eradicate any mould to prevent bacterial and fungal infections often associated with water damage that has been left untreated

Rising Damp Solutions in Newham and Beyond

We currently operate all over London and the South East of England, and are pleased to inform you we also conduct our business, including rising damp solutions, in the following areas of Newham:

  • Beckton
  • Boleyn
  • Canning Town North and South
  • Custom House
  • East Ham Central
  • East Ham North and South
  • Forest Gate North and South
  • Green Street East and West
  • Little Ilford
  • Manor Park
  • Plaistow North and south
  • Royal Docks
  • Stratford and New Town
  • Wallend
  • West Ham

For Dehumidifier Hire or Any Other Flood Damage Repair Solution Pick Up the Phone

For ease and flexibility you can arrange your dehumidification hire, or any one of our other services, online or over the phone. Make a multiple booking and you'll save even more money. Dial 020 3404 5116 to speak to our customer support team directly or fill out your details using our booking form. On the other hand you also have the option of our chat box. Whichever way you choose you'll get all the information you need, hear about our prices and special offers and request your own individualised no-obligation quote. You can be sure we'll be sympathetic and understanding of your traumatic situation and eager to give you the support you need and deserve.

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