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The Thames Flood Restoration service is divided into two sections: Water Damage Restoration and Building Refurbishment. Our overall aim is to ensure our customers complete satisfaction with the end results.

Water Damage

Water Damage London


Water Damage in more Details:

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring an area or building to as near as possible its condition before.

Water damage has innumerable causes. There may be broken or damaged water pipes, an appliance may malfunction such as a dishwasher or washing machine. Or there may be heavy rain which causes flooding, or there may be a sewage backup.

When there is flooding the important thing is to take action quickly. In this way damage can be limited. For this reason we at Thames Flood Restoration try to come out immediately as soon as water damage is reported. Call us when you have a problem on 020 3404 5116 or send an e-mail to the staff on [email protected].